The Gift that is Subliminal advertising

The Conscious mind

The perception of a product and the brand is always in control of the planners. The ones who create the communication approach are ones who lead the business and the sales of the brand.

We are very much aware of the effective communication but is it necessary for it to do ‘on your face’ communication. The part where a brand decides to go the other way, which implies that they never try to push products in the customer’s psyche; that is where a brand starts to win.

​We have known it from the lines of David Ogilvy, “A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.” This is very much true for every nature of the product.

The motive becomes making people aware of the unique and interesting to know about you and the product. Consider brands such as They use emotions and humour, which enables them to create a positive image of their brand. It is possible that you must have seen their ads and without you even realising they have changed your perception.

The subliminal advertising comes in various form, they create a strong impression on the subconscious mind. They can come in various forms. Such as the unique way a logo is, the advertisements that are created, Subliminal messages are impactful even if they are not consciously perceived. Such messages create strong brand impressions. This form of advertising may not work for all, that’s why it has to be used in practical ways. The fine details of Subliminal advertising This is done with the help of the visual and/or auditory mediums. They are used in advertising to strengthen the persuasiveness of the ads. The words, tonality and the visual treatment makes small yet powerful associations between a brand and the meaning they wish to portray.

The mediums for it can be logos, images, videos and the texts. For e.g. Amazon The arrow from A to Z represents that amazon has any products with name from A to Z.

The ways to it The events and places where you can advertise without going larger than life. This helps in creating brand perception and makes people aware of your brand.

​ For e.g. Vivo, Star Sports, Hotstar does in the IPL. They place their ads in such a way that it has maximum visibility for the viewers.

As discussed, the ways, the brands speak with their logo.

1. Sony Vaio
The innovation Sony brings with it and what all it caters to is represented here. What innovations it has been bringing is also represented in this logo.

2. Formula One
​ The number one can be seen between the letter F and the red flags. This is how they have hidden meanings and they interact with the audience creatively.

3. NBC
The presence of a peacock in the centre of the colours represents pride and colours. The inclusiveness the network brings with it.

4. Toblerone
The bear at the centre of the mountain. These examples showcase how the subtle meanings enhance the logo value and create better recall value for the brand. This happens at the subconscious mind of the consumer.

Whatever is expected from your brand you can always add a layer of surprise to it. It can be done using the PR campaigns, attaching various gifts and offers to the packaging. This makes the customers happy and creates a long-term impression when it comes to your brand perception.

Use of emotions

The advertisements where there is a major connecting of people and their emotions are generously loved.

​For e.g. Nike’s brand campaigns which invoke a sense of passion. Named: - ‘Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything’

Why does it

People love brands which makes them feel special and invokes emotions. This creates the best recall value. It keeps your brand on the top of mind of customers.

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