A Brand’s Personality: Tagline.

Few words can define your brand

A tagline is a good way to add character and personality to your brand. It is a salient feature of the brand and can increase your Brand’s recall value and provide a reason for spectators to connect with your brand. Taglines play with the psychology of the minds to make spectators remember the brand and thus, develop trust over the brand.

Do Taglines make a Difference?

Amul’s ‘The Taste of India’ brought about a paradigm shift in the market. It emphasizes on the dedication Amul puts in to provide quality food products across India. Amul keeps its promise by providing non-compulsory items like chocolate and ice-cream widely available in the rural areas and thus justifies its tagline.

​ Nike’s tagline ‘Just Do It’ was developed back in 1988 and emits robustness and strength since then. And this consistency of their tagline has outshined and Nike has witnessed an increase in their Sport-shoe business.

Taglines differentiate a brand from others and induce consumers with purchase decision making. Catchy taglines come with the positioning of the brand in the hearts of the customers. Moreover, a tagline helps interpret what the Brand is all about or what is its Values.

​ If one thinks that a tagline isn’t significant, they are mistaken! A tagline assists to bring across the brand’s promise in a clear and memorable way.

Below, are 5 essential qualities to be kept in mind while drafting a catchy tagline. Align the tagline with your Brand and boost the Recall Value.

1. Keep it Simple:
A Tagline must be easy to comprehend. A slogan should be able to communicate the mission and vision of your company to the spectators.

2. Crisp & Concise:
One thing which makes the best taglines is that they highlight what the brand is all about in just a few words. Crisp and Short taglines retain in the minds of the spectators and work well for better Recall Value.

3. Relevant:
The tagline should be in accordance with what values your brand provides with to the consumers. Analyse the benefits of products or services, the Company’s Values to form a fitting tagline.

4. Consistent:
Companies should avoid changing their tagline from time to time. A tagline is remembered by the masses only if it is consistent for years to come.

5. Scenario-driven:
Keep your tagline focused, it will attract more people to think about your product when a real-world scenario takes place.

Be it a small company or a big one. Be it a startup or an established organisation. Be it a product-oriented or a service-oriented brand. A catchy yet personalty driven tagline will surely help you.

​Ignoring the value of crafting a tagline would be a foolish thing to do. As we have discussed above, Taglines are crucial to let consumers get an insight into what the brand is all about and see the true essence of Brand’s Value in just a few words.

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