A day at volume

Here’s A Sneak Peek On What Goes In Our Creative Den

Working in an advertising agency is an adventure on its own. Right from the inception of an idea to the execution with a collaborative effort of designing, copywriting, and brand management teams, it is one hell of a ride. Not to forget the multiple iterations the creatives have to go through, the struggle of cracking the brief along with the idea and many more instances that is tiring.

It so happens that sometimes it gets to you. Which is why, we ensure that our work environment is chill, healthy, and systematic to have an order amidst the chaos. Let’s see, how we begin and end our day:

1. Check-In

First things first, be on time to leave on time.

It’s good to arrive on time if you want to conquer the day with utmost productivity. Check-In on time to maintain discipline and good records.

Then instantly, grab some coffee to fuel the creative mind, the creative juices need some caffeine.

2. Check My Tasks

Yes! This is an obligation

After greeting several Good Mornings and sipping coffee, we prioritize our work. With a calm mind, we go through assigned tasks and prioritize the ‘Main Task’ that’s need to be done.

This step gives heads up as to what our day is likely to go.

3. Time Tracker

Run the day effectively

Planning is important but what’s more vital is the timing. Putting on the time tracker for each task helps in managing and saving time.

Add on the new projects, research and tasks. It is also a good way to know your efficiency and speed.

4. The Mid-Day Chill

We do not believe in all work and no play

After a continuous brainstorming, hunting ideas, meetings and chasing the deadlines, a break is a must. Our lunch is followed by a short break where we relax and have fun. After the mid-day break and fun activities, it is time to get back and finish the day’s work.

5. Constructive Criticism

Feedbacks make the work perfect

Getting instant feedback on the work speeds up the process and helps in refining the final creatives with minor details. As we work collaboratively, we ensure that our work ends up great.

After all, what good is a work without having the satisfaction of doing it to the best of our abilities.

6. Check-out

Done for the day

We like things to be systematic. So before wrapping up, we update our tasks so that our next day is planned and we are aware and mentally prepared.

That’s The End Of The Day And The Blog!!

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