Have A Story? Tell It. How To Tell It? Learn It.

For all those who are not quite acquainted with the term Content Marketing, here’s a brief simple explanation: A type of digital marketing strategy, content marketing is where you curate relevant and informative content gathered with proper research. The content marketing can be used to generate organic traffic, create conversion and target potential customers.

Quick tips before putting out content:

Your Brand. Your Story.

What’s the worst thing you can do to your brand? Make it boring. Any topic can be interesting and engaging enough if the content is done right. The idea is to achieve your marketing goals through content.

From a high-end production TVC to a meme, is a content. Be mindful of the content you choose for the story-telling. Your brand’s message should be clear and strong because if you are too busy narrating the story and not the actual message, then it’s all in vain. Keeping your options wide in story is a must and storytelling is not confined to one medium, it can be through any medium, with just visuals or just copies.

Must Know Your Audience

If your brand speaks for youth and your content is targeting the older people, it won’t work. Focus on audience research and explore your competitors, always keep yourself updated with market news and social media trends.

In long term, your way of storytelling and your content will help build your brand. A brand should stick to one theme along its purpose which helps in its online presence and easy SEO. Brand memories, brand recall and connections grow gradually, it’s not an overnight success but a matter of respect and legacy.

Content Marketing For Your Brand:

1. Videos:

Videos are the most engaging and popular content marketing tool. Whether on web page, social media, blog post, or YouTube, videos have a tendency to make an impact. Audience love when they can relate to the content of a video. Your video can be informative, entertaining or interesting but it should convey your message to the right audience in a compelling way. Again, stick to your brand language and message in the video.

2. Infographics:

Infographics are engaging explainer videos or posts through simple graphics/vectors. They are used by various brands widely and known for their simple yet informative approach. Also, they are easy to understand with to-the-point information and visually-appealing graphics.

3. Case Studies:

Case Studies are a good option to take your brand to the next narrative level and share your experience. With every experience shared, audience feels more connected to you as they can see your past successes and the whole journey. They also demonstrate your crisis management, hence building trust and reliability.

4. Product review:

Doesn’t matter how much the advertisement field transforms digitally, a major part of consumers still relies upon word-of-mouth which are mainly reviews of certain brand/product or movie/song. What’s meant by this is, quick honest review of the products increases the reliability of your brand in a way which feels more genuine. It’s a smart choice to incorporate reviews in your brand strategy.

5. Newsletter:

Newsletters are a great way to connect to your audience as they connect even more personally via emails. The one-time subscription mails in your inbox which you can’t help but notice eventually, yes them! The other end only engages if they choose to, which means this is your chance to put out your best content.

Why Content is King?

Amidst coronavirus, content marketing has become ferociously strong. Whereas some brands have surrendered themselves and halted their content, on the other hand some brands are hitting the bull’s eye with relatable and engaging content.

Content Marketing gives traffic to your site, so that your brand is seen. Your exclusive content will lead to easy results on search engines and other social platforms. It’s like producing a good movie, no matter how many remakes are made but the original and good content always prevails.

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