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What you need to do before getting into the market

Come Diwali and all the brands start creating Diwali offers and discounts, socially impactful campaign and a lot more. know what you should do with your Brand.

There are festive vibes around and if we scroll through social media or go through newspapers, we surely cannot miss the ads and the offers. The Diwali season is like Noah’s Ark, where everyone is having their time. Each brand is coming with the offers and campaigns which may or may not be similar but have a unique treatment.

This phase for branding is also combined with the boom of a social media campaign. The better your campaign visually as well as socially it is worthy for the consumers.

Marketers know that customers are most likely to spend a lot during this season, due to the highly auspicious time for buying and gifting. Brands take this in the notice and promote their branding and marketing efforts in a full-fledged manner.

​Let’s look at the examples of the brands who are making the most out of it.

1. KitKat – Astronaut Video
​This 2014 video showcases the points of life we reach but never forget the roots where we are coming from. This is the concept where the brand showcases that one can look beyond the traditional professions. Though the brand fails to do justice with the visuals but makes the TVC’s aim clear- Putting forward the women empowerment idea ahead. The year 2014 marked the time where brands were starting to cater to young audiences, and they made this clear with their castings too.

2. One Plus – The Journey
​ One Plus has always been known for their unique campaigns and the one thing that set them apart is the visual appeal they have in their campaigns and brand films. This is justified from the fact they give a lot of importance to the storytelling. ‘The Journey’ campaign and the video showcase how the brand is cautious with the celebrations around Diwali. It is evident that all people want to celebrate it with their families. Though due to the situations or the technological setbacks it gets delayed. This is showcased by One Plus- when you have plenty of time with only one charge and fast charging. As well as considering the emotions to be wife and mother is having.

3. Surf Excel – Daagon Se Roshan Diwali
We have always noticed that different people have different ways of celebrating Diwali. This is dependent on the fact that people have different economic capabilities to celebrate a festival. This TVC made it evident that people who work for us should also be celebrated and celebrate with us. This TVC with their on-point casting of Kids put this on a greater concept. Showcasing the kids with having no worries in celebrating Diwali. The brand utilises its positioning at its best,’Daag Achhe Hain’. Kids’ help and accepting nature towards the man who irons their clothes put the cherry on the cake for this TVC.

4. Swiggy
This TVC showcases that kids never fail in mesmerizing with their talent and expressions. The food delivery brand showed how important it is to never let anyone return empty handed when gifts are exchanged. The efforts food delivery people put forward is acknowledged. The TVC is aimed at celebrating the festival both ways. That is people must include all and celebrate it with all. The brands have been very active around the time of Diwali. Majorly they are conceptualised around the emotions, awareness and the goodwill. The brands are not necessarily selling their services, some are putting forward the thought that they have a vision of how good relations among people work. With these campaigns, marketers make sure that their branding and marketing strategies never go in vain. Also, this is the time when the brand makes the most out of their digital strategies. The festive season in India is the time where brands promote their work intensively and reaches out to people with their ideologies and creations at the right time.

What You should do to create your campaigns

The following points that are going to be discussed set a pattern for any campaign, but they become more relevant when the festive season knocks the door.

1. Disrupt:
The disruptions are not made with showcasing any madness in your ads. The disruptions are made when any brand decides to create an entity which is different and insightful as well as relevant to the market.

2. Indulge:
The indulgence is created when the brands come forward with an aim to make people notice the realities around. These are some of the common observations which are turned to visual and motion concepts.

3. Engage:
It is dependent upon the talent a brand takes in. The amount of storytelling and the emotions catered without the motive of selling the products is what makes a TVC greater. It is the time when the audience gets engaged with the concept. This kind of engagement lets people notice and clear the facts about the brands. One needs to have one simple thing in mind when aiming for such brand films or TVCs, that is, be true to the concept.

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