Compaq is a name that most people resonate with technology and innovation. One of the first company to pave the way for modern-day laptop, Compaq has now forayed into the TV sector. It has launched its Flagship HEX range and ER Series in India.


Compaq approached us for rolling out its first pan-India campaign for its two main product lines, HEX and ER series. We were briefed to focus on strengthening brand proposition and create a campaign that would resonate majorly with urban dwellers.


When we look at the recent trend in how TV ads are made, they are more about highlighting certain features of that TV, be it sound or visual etc.. We wanted to create a campaign that wouldn’t just talk about the feature of the TV but the experience of using a Compaq TV. Compaq has a legacy of building products with breakthrough technology. And we wanted to retain that belief and trust in Compaq with this campaign. After our research and few brainstorming sessions, we came up with an experiential campaign, ‘DO MORE’.

We created this thematic campaign to magnify user experience inspired from individual features of the Smart TV. The campaign aimed at strengthening brand’s presence, with a proposition that positioned Compaq TV as a device that empowers its consumers. The campaign explored the possibilities of Smart TV connecting utility of the TV with the experience.

What We Did:

The brochure had a similar design language with our metaphorical elements placed in order to reinforce the idea of the brand.

Take a look:

Brand Activation - Compaq Bored-Room

Inspired from ‘Board Room’, this activation idea was aimed to create brand awareness with a humorous twist. The room was a makeshift installation at Malls. People who usually accompany shoppers and get bored could use this room to entertain themselves and watch a cricket match rather scrolling unnecessarily through their phones.


We extended our brand story in the e commerce website keeping consistent monochrome tone. We also designed our website differently from the conventional ones because we wanted to extend the brand's uniqueness in every possible way. The website contains a whole experience of what the brand stands for and how does it value its customers. With easy navigation and immersive experience, it aims to leave customers feel satisfied.

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