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Corporate brand identity essentials

Corporates are known for their time-sensitivity, above everything else. This is a world where efficiency and precision are the foundations of delivering quality output. The stakes are high, and more often than not, you do not get a second chance to make a first impression.
In this article, we will be talking about just that- a first impression that makes sure you convert your potentials as associates, while in the corporate jungle.

A name that influences without trying

Your name is something that needs to influence people and hold value. And this is something that will define your business in the eyes of the consumer.
From a name that glorifies your core values, a name that lets everyone know about the founder, a name that has a symbolic meaning to a name that is intended to evoke emotion- this is something that will go the farthest.

If you are a corporate business, your name needs to be easy on the tongue, in addition to having a meaning of significance.

A visual identity that speaks without talking

We connect visuals that we see on an everyday basis to emotions and experiences. Visual communication, for any brand, starts with the logo itself- and you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression here.
Ideally, corporate logos need to communicate the company’s core, values, brand proposition or the experience that their service offers. Logos and wordmarks need to be created in a way that creates maximum influence on the audience’s mind- and on a subliminal basis.

A design language that expresses without speaking

The foundation of all brand communication is the brand’s design language and selections that are made during the initial phases of branding. These include brand colors, brand fonts, templates for diverse communication media, and basic ground rules for all communication that will go out of the brand.

A brand is like a person when it comes to ‘existing.’ And a corporate brand’s identity must be sophisticated, yet not boring, and solid in terms of synergy in communication. A design language that is not ‘Jarry,’ lays emphasis on the critical things in every communication, and is consistent when applied to different channels, works the best for good brand recall.

A communication strategy that attracts without pulling

If you have a corporate brand identity in place, your strategy for communicating your brand’s message can make it a respectable name in the market or break it. This is how important the strategy is to a corporate brand.
With corporates, it is always essential to have a balance in strategy. A legal document, for example, cannot be too ‘boring,’ and yet not too ‘peppy.’ On the other hand, audiovisual communication needs to have a balanced mix of elegance and entertainment. Most importantly, the communication strategy that is made per different campaigns need to be aligned with one-another in term of synergy and following the brand basics to the core, communicating different dialogues, yes- but in the way, the same person would.

When it comes to branding as well as strategy, it’s always a good idea to get professional help, as there are always variables that need to be kept in mind, to make sure that calculated steps are taken to win the corporate chess.

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