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Deconstructing ‘brand strategy’

From abstract to assured in 400 words

Branding has been there for centuries. And so, has been 'brand strategy.'
Coming from the Greek word ‘Strategos’ that was associated with the title of a military general, a strategy can be anything from using helmets to unify warriors under one flag to selling sportswear that makes you ‘feel like a Spartan in the playing field.’

But the abstract nature of these concept implementations is as deliciously complicated as it is ‘steak sauce for an offering.’

The offering, being your product or service.
With any plate that has your brand mark on it, you can always serve your customers the same cut of meat twice and get two different critiques on it.
And what creates a differentiation, is the presence of something more. An emotion. An experience. A pride of ownership

Steak Sauce.

Brand strategy is all about planning how to deliver your ‘brand’s current agenda’ to your target audience, all the while keeping your ‘brand identity’ and core values intact at the same time.

Like a living, breathing personality, a brand is supposed to behave a certain way, and at the core, it stands for something. A value. An emotion. A set of characteristics. Brand strategy is all about speaking to your consumers in the tone of the brand and telling them why you fit into their lifestyle. Why they need you. What you stand for.

A mental shortcut (for your service)

With that being said, we come to what we talked about earlier as communication being focused on a ‘current agenda.’ It could be awareness, promotion, product offering, making a statement, delivering a message, taking up corporate social responsibility- you name it. At the end of the day, these are to be the dishes that you will serve.

And we all know there is a perfect sauce for every dish.

That is where the ‘brand strategy’ is cooked- taking into consideration the brand’s persona, the sugar, the spice, the nature of the deliverable, and finally, the time it will take for the dish to reach the table. It is strategic planning for a brand’s overall communication, that is malleable to campaign and objective requirements, yet keeping the basic flavor of the brand intact at all times to build and evolve the brand persona.

Just like a well-done dish, it takes time and effort.
Just like a well-done dish, it keeps the customers coming to your restaurant day after day, looking for more bits of your brand experience.​

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