In the overcrowded space of tactical advertisements, let creativity find new directions

In the age and space of an overwhelming number of ads in print, digital, hoardings, tv, anywhere, and everywhere, it certainly gets too much. There is a lot of commotion and chaos in the advertising space. Disrupting it might be difficult, but not impossible. There are brands who still go for traditional ways of communication and suborn to change their ways, which is why those who like it different, must grab this opportunity. As long as the message conveys what the consumer wants and is not ‘offensive’, it’s going to work.

What’s disruption?

In recent times, the word ‘disruption’ is gaining pace in the advertising world. To break it down in simpler words, ‘disruption’ is anything that changes the prevalent norms and causes one to pause and look. In the advertising world, it means that your ad has cut through the chaos and made itself stand out. But disruptive advertisements are mostly pulled as a one-off by brands, just to gain some attention. Although it might put your brand on the pedestal for a while, it will be taken over by some other brand.

How it is changing perceptions

While disruptive advertisements are changing how they are created, it is also bringing a shift in the perception of people. Businesses are adapting their communication and promotional strategies as per the constant shift in technology and mediums of communication. For consumers, it means a shift in what they like to see and what resonates with them. Although communication strategy is a major part of creating disruption, if a brand introduces a revolutionary change in the market with its innovative product, then it’s simply a win-win for the brand.

A classic example of this is Apple. Apple has created a standard, that honestly, no other brand has achieved yet. It has created its niche of loyalists and potential buyers who dream of owning one of its products. However, initially this wasn’t the case. It's breakthrough in technology, the revolutionary mp3 player. While Apple has done with its product innovation, communication has followed the same trajectory.

What We Have Done

One of our clients, Minsara deals in cash for gold business. If one does a simple search on google for the term, ‘cash for gold’, a whole lot of gaudy and bright, in the face result is seen. And with that simple search, we got to know what we ought not to do!

Cash for gold is a business that is heavily polluted with tactical communication. We decided to take on a more subtle and disruptive approach while bringing nuance to the brand and behave as a benefactor for TG. The strategy was to position the brand as a reliable entity that offers help in times of financial crisis. As we majorly have digital communication for this brand, the social media posts are designed to appeal to the TG. We also had the advantage of starting a pattern of communication that its competitors didn’t tap on yet.

We identified the elements and situations that would be relatable to the TG while creating an impact. Our creatives mainly involve common situational based scenarios where Minsara offers the solution. For a pamphlet that we created for its offers, we revamped this conventional mass distribution entity by introducing a little gimmick in it. This way we broke the monotony while still being easy on the budget. This pamphlet was designed depicting one of the brand’s service- encashing gold.

Disruptive communication is not a hard feat to achieve if you know how to hit the right chord with your audience.