‘Do Not’ Campaign for T&T

The magic of Reverse Psychology

T&T is one of the prominent real estate companies in the Delhi-NCR area. Taking massive steps towards innovating the living experience, T&T launched India’s first digital housing, T-Homes.

​ The intention of the campaign was basically to introduce the concept of digital homes, which is fairly a new concept in India. So, instead of bombarding people with the digital efficiency of the project, we decided to go the other way.

What was the way

Presenting ‘India’s first digital housing’ was a chance to play efficiently. For that, we devised a campaign ‘Do Not Visit T-Homes’ based on the reverse psychology. The campaign’s intention turned out to be the alluring nature of not doing something when we are told so. In this campaign, we opted for a concerned and suggestive tone. The campaign talked about the consequences if people accidentally visited T-Homes.

How the Reverse Psychology Works

Below is an example of reverse psychology:

‘Don’t imagine a horse. Don’t imagine that it’s white.’

You just imagined, didn’t you?

​ With T-Homes, we created the same effect by asking people not to visit T-Homes. This turned out to be an impactful strategy as it intrigued people to know more about this project.