Breathing life into a utopian vision

Branding for Eutopia by T&T


The concoction of revolutionary streak of T&T and disrupting strategy of ours, has gone into the building of the new project of T&T. As the client was specific about healthy living being the primary offing of this project, we decided to name this project Eutopia. The idea was to lend the project the characteristic of being an ideal place to live. As metro cities are especially suffering from pollution, this project certainly comes as a haven for the city’s residents. And what could be a better name to convey our project’s idea clearly.



For the branding of this new project, we sticked to the central idea of ‘Utopia’ that was about being ideal and perfect. After researching on the Utopian philosophies and art, we came across a symbolic representation that occurred almost everywhere. The element that appeared in almost all the places was a 'sphere with a void', that signifies ' a portal' and 'a shelter'. We incorporated this element in our branding and initial communication too.

We extended the brand language in the brochure and website. The tonality and colours that were used lent the premium luxury feel to it. We further added the element of portal in the images, to create a recall value.