A Conventional Brand. An Unconventional Branding.


The beauty and cosmetic industry worldwide have countless skincare brands, each of them trying to create their own space. When we were approached for this skincare brand, we focused on its key differentiator and that was its name. The brand name, ‘Hottest Ex’ creates intrigue and makes the consumer look twice.

For the branding, we didn’t want to take it over the top. We wanted to convey what the brand stands for without making it presumptuous. Our branding is based on the attributes of ‘Bold and unapologetic.’ ‘Sassy and Confident’. The design and copy are inspired by the same.

The brand has as of now launched four exclusive products. The names of the products are also in sync with the idea of the brand.

With this brand, we further wanted to promote self-love, confidence, and a ‘no damn’ attitude. Nowadays, brands are more and more seeping into people’s lives as an ideology rather than just a mere product, and this product is designed for women who self-prioritize themselves without feeling guilty. With our branding and communication, we are trying to promote the culture of self-love.

Keeping the brand language intact, we have designed its e-commerce website. The hues of the products act as a dominant element, while the rest of the process is seamless and user-friendly.