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The difference between success and failure in the corporate jungle

Let us tell you a story of a goldfish in a bowl someone gifted to an old lady who owned a cat

It grew up in a glass-bubble, believing its whole life that she was the only one of its kind in the world.
Happy and ecstatic, she developed pride.
Only to be released into a river, full of different kinds of fishes and amphibians.
She learned about things. About differentiation and variation.
Not so different but still unique, she thought she had now found her place in the world, along with a new clarity,
Only for the stream to take her to the ocean.

The world of corporates is a food chain that strives on demand and supply and with limitless number of opportunities for the customer to buy essentials for their lifestyle from, a start-up is but like a fish in a bowl. On one hand, being a Goldfish might be aesthetically better than being a Catfish. But on the other hand, branding doesn't just stop there.

You cannot market a Goldfish to a 'cat-lady' and expect the bowl to be at the same place for the rest of your life.

Branding is a concept that goes deeper than just building an identity. I am pretty sure that is something most of the start-ups can get right nowadays, what with countless online seminars and research material.

The second step in branding is to market yourself to the right audience. To be relatable enough to not be released into a river.
And while well-rehearsed and malleable marketing strategies can make you shove your products down people's throats to creative a positive disposition, there is more at work when it comes to being relevant than what meets the eye.
The essence of a successful brand is to 'speak one language.'
Think about it. When I say, 'tell me the name of an animal and a sound that it makes,' a Raccoon never comes to your head. Or a Rhino. Or a Bear.
From a Dog's bark to a Lion's roar, having the ability to relate to one figure to a sound is what makes us have a recall.
Recall is the key to being relevant. To recover and rejuvenate after every setback. To break records when you're on a high tide. And at the core of recall is 'right branding.'
Consumers, just like industries, have evolved to a certain level of intelligence. Hence, the need for intelligent branding and an 'X-Factor.'
A Rhino would be just a Hippopotamus without its horn, just like a Tiger would be an overgrown cat without its stripes.
In order to be on the top of the food chain, having a consistency in your brand communication that reflects who you are and what you have at your core, plays a key role in climbing up the vine that leads to success, or going down the rabbit hole that leads to failure.

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