The Fever Of A ‘Viral Content’

While social media is a hub of diverse content, there are only few that gets the privilege of being called ‘Viral’, the one enjoying all the attention!

Our social media is always flooded with memes, videos, images etc. at any given time, but this year in particular has been a treat for all of us, with every month bringing a whole set of viral memes, courtesy: Covid-19.

Which was the last viral video you stumbled upon? Let me guess, it probably was the Rasoda song! Has this thought ever crossed your mind about how these content go viral?

Let’s take look into a few reasons that make any content go viral:

Any entertaining piece of content like a video or an image that truly entertains us and is relatable, we start talking about it and share it with our friends and family groups- so there it all begins! Now imagine, hundreds and thousands of people doing just the same thing for one content. That’s how the content reaches so many people. It is an unending loop of sharing that makes it go viral. In simple words, this is called the word of mouth advertising, general public starts talking about it so much that a particular piece of content goes VIRAL.

Let’s take an example of The Rasoda song that went viral over the internet a few months back. What was the wow factor of it that people related to it so much? It was the ease with which the creator made a song out of a very mundane dialogue sequence from a TV serial. People went gaga over the piece and within hours the post went viral, people shared it on stories, reposted it, celebrities made Instagram reels on it, so much was going on at the same time. The creator got recognized in the Bollywood circle, his subscriber count on YouTube as well as follower count on Instagram sky-rocketed.

How the Covid-19 pandemic has contributed?

Since the start of the whole pandemic in March 2020 and the lockdown, people have been spending most of their time on the internet, especially social media. That gives any creator a golden opportunity to come into visibility, and some people have successfully done so, such as the Youtuber whose Tiktok rant video went viral. While some people hated the video and called it a cringe fest, others loved it. An 18 year old girl who posted an IGTV video titled “I AM AGAINST TODAY’S FEMINISM”, ‘The Rasoda song’ and many of the creator’s other videos went viral after him having garnered considerable fame. The most recent one being ‘baba da dhaba’ when a youtuber’s video of visiting baba da dhaba owner went viral on the internet for the old man’s grief, thousands of people went to that dhaba and showed their support for the old man.

Pandemic or no pandemic, such content will keep going viral.

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