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The importance of having the right logo for your brand

A picture says a thousand words but the right logo says it all

Branding is a science. And like every scientific formula, getting solid results require certain constants from you.
Certain rules need to be followed.
And the most basic of them all is creating a solid brand identity.
The logo is the first thing that people look at when they interact with your brand, or most importantly, are introduced to it.

That, and the brand name itself lays the foundation for the identity of the brand.

Here are some thoughts on why a brand logo is the most basic and essential thing for you to get right if you want the brand to flourish.

Pore through the top three reasons to understand why advertising is really vital for your startup if you plan to etch a deep and a lasting mark in your chosen field:

A cornerstone (for your brand)

To put it in short, a logo to any business would be what a face would be to you.
After the brand name, the logo is the first thing most customers come into contact with as they interact with your brand. It establishes identity and identity (along with behaviour) is the key to being noticed, liked and remembered. A good logo can be the cornerstone for your brand, creating a first impression that is impossible to forget.

A mental shortcut (for your service)

In a world that is full of clutter, shortcuts are solutions to obvious problems.
A logo that tells people about what the brand does in a straightforward, yet elegant way is a gem among the rocks. A brand’s logo is like a signal. If not in the first impression, it tells people about what you do. The category you deal in. The products you hand out. The service you give. Seeing your brand logo connects them to your product/service in a matter of seconds and they instantly think about how you fit into their lives. The process takes place on a subconscious level and is highly effective in putting the brand preposition across. It is a sales pitch made easy.

A stamp of ownership (for the customer)

Assurance is a luxury that not everyone in the world has today.
A cleverly designed logo is often aimed at communicating to customers what the brand is all about, or to give them a certain experience. A feel. Invoke an emotion. If your logo does that for the customer, it acts as your signature to something that fits into their lives perfectly. Something that is reliable. Relatable. This generates customer loyalty towards the brand, giving them a sense of ownership towards you.

The list can go on and on when we talk about why branding needs a strong logo. But to sum it up in the words of Saul Bass, logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.

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