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The Story of Great Brands and How to Create Yours

There are stories and there are great stories. Those stories which not only makes us think but makes us do. The ones which lead by example. Here we see the brands which bring the values and innovation with them and making their mark in the world.

​ However, in the end, we will get back to some factors; which are common in all, first let us get to know their journeys. The one which stood them apart from the crowded in this crowded world of brands. These eventually becoming so big that they are too big to fail.


This is the prime example where the entrepreneur instincts come alive. It is nothing but a great chain of events and smart thinking. The brand strategy, the advertising budget, the display ad, nothing existed when it started. It started only with an aim to fulfil the need for space. Space for stay, for conferences to be turned into a success. The pattern Airbnb followed was unique in itself.

​ The Airbnb doesn’t own any of the spaces they put out on rent. It is the community they have built, the relationships and the trust they have maintained with their brand. This is not an easy thing to do, this takes a lot of efforts, efforts in finances, in investments, in the networking and the marketing. The collaborative consumption turned to be the new norm and Airbnb was one of the torchbearers of b2b marketing.

The founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky decided to target the conferences and festivals across the American continent for renting out their spaces. They did a great job with e-marketing models, which took their business to new heights.

​ The right timing is important when it was the election fever around, one PR stunt started to turn the fortune of Airbnb and made them famous. They built trust in the brand with a two-way street with insuring the Airbnb accommodations and creative a 24x7 helpline. Trust is important for the brand. Creating and knowing the right timing with the sharing economy concept made it big. Let’s look at one more success story.


From its origin in the 1970s to the departure of Steve Jobs, the co-founder, to his return in Apple. The brand actually has seen it all, they turned the tables with unique ideas and bringing revolution in the technology sector.

​ It led the market by storm. The world’s favourite start-up was built on strong friendships and started with humble beginnings and the times when there was no target ad. The innovations such as Macintosh came with an approach that made the things simpler for the rest of us. The one which created a simpler world for the users. Even Apple’s Logo represents simplicity. Despite the number of urban legends, connecting it with Alan Turing, Adam & Eve or Newton’s Apple.

As all great things have it, the name of Apple was never without controversy as it was similar to that of the Beatles’ publisher Apple corps. The controversy faded with some deliberations and time.

The initial struggles were very much visible, many financial corporations denied loans to Jobs. It led to a lesser number of Apple systems being built. Jobs had the business in mind, he made deals with stores which led to the success of Apple, he and Steve Wozniak took help from the people around.

With great collaborations such as with Dan Bricklin who introduced apps and changed the way, mouse and keyboard are used. Apple has been the fastest to bring out any new technology.


The world’s favourite and most informative friend has a great story behind it. It is a choice Google has made time to time that has made it and rarely broken it. It is the sheer example of entrepreneurship and hard work/smart work. The most visited website in the world is made with great amounts of efforts, unique business models.

​ The founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started working on one search engine named BackRub. And like many other successes, Google’s first office was set in a garage. Some of the biggest internet giants in the 90s were failed due to their lack of acceptance and adaptation to the newer times of technology. With far greater investments and better minds, Google made itself very observant, great minds think alike was evident in this case.

When Yahoo rejected the PageRank algorithm (ranking third party sites) the Google came into play. And as of now, Google has made it their largest revenue portion with pay-per-click service, famously known as AdWords. This made it a great resource of digital marketing and led the new market plans in the internet world. It was not just an SEO company, it was the first mover. Online advertising was given a boost by it.

​ Google keep on looking for options they keep on catching the right signals and they came up with the services such as Google Images, Google Labs, The Gmail, which has now around 425 million users. Then the year 2005 was another year of a turnaround in its brand history when the Google Maps were launched. Then Google Earth and then Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Finance, Google Calendar it kept on coming. Google Chrome in 2008, which became one of the world’s most used internet browser.

Making of great brand

The factors which can make your brand a great one lies at the core of the operations, in the people, with the ethic it follows, the social importance, the right investments, the right networks and the right people.

​ The world of advertising and branding is more of the observance and the right networks. It leads you in the space where you have to keep looking out at the same time inwards. The more out of the box the ideas are, greater are the chances of being the first and taking first movers’ advantage.

The branding also works like this, it gives you many opportunities where you can make the situation and create the highest brand recall, such as the moments to advertise maybe digitally with web marketing as well as social marketing. How to advertise and create a brand aura.

Always keep in mind that a brand is not built from one direction it involves people and the smarted the people the better the brand. The best way to go ahead is with strong market research.

​ The idea and the motive which lies at the core of the brand takes it for the long run.



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