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What And Why Of Pull And Push Communications In Advertising

I bought a new laptop few years back which I decided to buy after seeing an ad from a leading brand followed by assessing the reviews. Wondering what’s with the story? Let’s put this in perspective. The features that were mentioned in the advertisement of that laptop kind of “pushed” me into considering it for buying. Push communication in advertising is a strategy focused on “pushing” products to a target audience. The goal is to bring what you offer to customers in your commercials. Social media channels have majorly acted as the “push” sources because they’re great for launching new products. It targets the specific product to specific audience. Push communication is used to target new leads and new customers, who may not have heard of you yet.

Where Push Communication Works

• Targeted Based E Mail:

You can use email marketing software to form a targeted email list for informing about a new product. Send the mail about your product to people who are likely to be interested by sending a direct advertising email out to prospective customers who meet the criteria of your target group strategy.

• TV or Radio or Print ads:

  • Commercials that use push communication sell their product directly. They feature their USPs, features, novelty, technology etc… and ask the consumer to just buy it.

Moving on to the pull communication, it mainly draw consumers to your brand by not selling the product but an experience. They are primarily created with an aim to connect with the consumers not by selling their product directly, but via a story. Pull advertising uses brand awareness and visibility to pull leads. A pull strategy hopes to bring wide range of consumers with an emotional or strong storyline. Pull communication is also done by the brands when they want to present their standpoint. Here, a subtle placement of product works for the customers to seek out your product on their own rather than directly targeting them.

Some Online Strategy To Pull Your Consumers

• SEO:

Say you’re launching a new product or service under your brand. You want to spread awareness of it. You can pull people into your site via keyword searches by following SEO related to your product or service with blogging and running SEO campaigns.

• Social media:

Social media marketing gives you access to a highly populated users of potential customers. If you have a new clothing line to promote, strategically paying for ads on Instagram to appear in the news feeds of consumers who are engaged with fashion can be a good strategy. You are not approaching them directly but rather pulling them in by ensuring they “stumble” upon your product.

What’s The Verdict

Push and pull communication are two sides of the same coin. With push advertising, you send out targeted promotional material to consumers, and with pull marketing, you build a brand and let consumers come to you. Both forms can be effective depending on your goal (conversions vs. awareness), and both play an important role in successful campaigns.

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