Making a young brand bloom

Branding and Website Development for Vedic Bloom


Vedic Bloom offers a range of natural essential oils cultivated with efficient farming techniques, eradicating adulteration. This budding brand wanted to make its way into the already existing huge market of ‘organic products’ with its genuineness.

What We Did:

The inspiration of Ayurveda and nature helped us initially in taking a particular direction for the branding. For the branding of this project, we stuck to the central idea of the brand ie: inspired by nature. For the colour tones, we didn’t keep any colour loyalty as it adds to brand extendibility.

The packaging of the products was designed as per the categories of essential oils. We made sure to add a differentiation factor with its ability to exhibit a sense of both being contemporary while showcasing its roots in the ancient formula.

Apart from the branding and identity, we also created website for the brand. Extending the subtle hues of the brand, we kept the whole look of the website as minimal and contemporary.