The Curious Case of Building a Brand

Are you stuck in the dilemma as to whether hire a branding agency for your business or not? Well then, read on to find out what hiring a branding agency do to your business.

Mostly, businesses try to avoid hiring a branding agency to cut any extra cost. They just launch their products in the market without being guided by an agency. Often, big companies have their in-house marketing team headed by marketing director. They are responsible for promoting and communicating about brand. In that case, companies especially do not consider hiring an external branding agency. What they don’t know is marketing and branding are not one and the same thing.

But then, what exactly is branding?

To simply put it, Branding is more about your company than your product. Whereas, marketing is mostly about selling your product. It defines your company’s values and its vision. Its core values and the essence of the company. It’s about creating a name for your business, and its identity with a place in consumer’s mind; that’s what you achieve through branding. Branding consists of various aspects, beginning with creating a logo and a consistent brand language which attributes special characteristics to your business. When you put your brand through the process of branding, your business creates a niche for itself. It also builds a loyal customer base, a following that relates to your brand.

These are just but a few highlights as to what the role of branding is in building your brand. Now, let’s delve deeper into the importance of a branding agency in building your brand:

1. Creative Crew

Creativity is that one aspect, which helps your brand grow manifolds. A branding agency has a team of creative and strategic people who are there for a reason: to ideate and create- anything and everything for your brand. They give your brand a direction and look for new ideas to communicate effectively to your target audience. The team at an agency includes of talents such as designers, writers, strategists and researchers which together work towards making your brand from nothing to something or give it a fresh direction- which is called rebranding.

2. Strategy Support

Well branding is more than just logo and fancy lines. The branding agencies work towards creating a communication based on the human psyche and how they react to diverse products and businesses. They create strategies based on the vision of the business and what is it trying to achieve in the long run, obviously apart from increasing sales.

3. Maintains Synergy

When a business communicates with their consumers, they have to have a consistency in the way they convey their message. For eg: coca cola and airtel, have maintained a consistent brand language and communication. It is youthful and peppy. A branding agency knows how to extend the branding into name, logo, positioning, strategy, communication et al.

4. Puts your investment to good use

If you want to save your money in the long run, invest a part of your capital in a branding agency because it will help you get things done in the right order. For eg: if a business needs a strong communication but they are rather just focusing on buying ads, a branding agency guides them to the right direction, in turn saving lakhs and crores of rupees at stake.

5. Benefit of Diverse Knowledge

Since a branding agency possess knowledge of diverse industries, their exposure helps in solving different kinds of problems. So, next time you are clueless regarding how to establish your brand, just find the number of a creative agency and ping them.

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