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Why creativity is THE critical building block for a startup brand.

What else do you need if you already have ‘everything’ for your startup

In this day and age when people are being more and more exposed to brands and the ‘experience’ of using a branded product/service, there are a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs trying to make their brand hit the home run.
But even with all the analysis, technical know-how, funding options and good products/services as offerings available, why do they not succeed?
What is the secret ingredient that makes this dish smell so good that your restaurant starts being constantly busy?
The answer is as simple as it is complex.


The ultimate art of expression.

To start off, it is very important for you to make people understand what you are as a brand, and what you are not.
This is a key thing in communication that makes all the difference in brand perception. And for a startup, knowledge is key to building blocks that can sustain you in the long run.
Communicating what you are and what you are not simultaneously is a complex thing to begin with. And with a lot of people trying to do that to people daily, it gets more and more difficult for you to build your brand image in a holistically positive way.
You need to be heard.

What can break this clutter?

That is the question that demands inventiveness on a daily basis. And this is where creativity comes into play. From data mining, analysis, processing to resource pooling, production, establishment, and market penetration- everything requires an approach that is a mixed balance of ‘method’ and ‘madness.’

Creativity extends from in-house operations like design, art, content, and strategy to outbound media like audiovisual, artworks, copy, product shoots, and advertising material. The essence of mixing analytics with a certain perspective is to achieve a strategy that works from paper to people, via implementation.

When we talk about big brands like Apple, it is always noticeable that there is a positive disposition in the audience, that starts with the brand name itself. While creativity alone is not the key to being remembered and respected in the market, a creative approach to your brand-building can really help you jump off the page. And it starts from the name.


The basic identity of any brand includes the name, logo, fonts, colors and the brand’s core value proposition. Now based on what niche you are in, what you are offering, what kind of audience and SEO you are looking at, and the market analysis, it can be created with a moderate amount of effort. Where creativity comes into play is, in creating ‘differentiation.’

Differentiation, in the simplest way, can be summed up as ‘uniqueness of identity.’ And that ‘x-factor’ comes from a creative approach to the building blocks. Putting a unique spin on your brand promise after building an identity that is ‘easy to remember,’ is where creative agencies and think tanks come in.

The 123

When we talk about being ‘easy to remember,’ it is a three-word mantra for orchestrating a good brand. And after creating an identity, it needs to be applied to creating a brand experience.

This is where brand’s product/service needs a creative approach. From design to deliverance- you will have to make customers more than ‘happy.’ You will have to be the ‘Old Spice’ of selling experiences along with your product. And this will need more than a core concept and crisp script for any output media. It will need an execution approach that creates maximum relatability and recall, right from the get-go.

We can go on and on about using creativity as a tool as the brand progresses and evolves with time and its tides. But the fact remains that if you need to be progressive, you will have to stay relevant. And how else to be innovative if you are just willing to use arrows in your quiver; without taking into consideration the target distance and the orientation of the wind, but by improvisation in strategy through creativity.

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