Be A Winspert


WINSPERT is a personalized dental education online mentoring platform that helps aspiring dental students to ace overseas and national competitive exams with innovative training methods that are customized.


The client wanted rebranding and website to be done along the following lines:

1. The treatment should reflect openness, calmness and professionalism.

2. The tonality should project the client as the best in the business without making it as unapproachable.

3. The USP of the project would be one to one mentoring of the students from the client.

4. The website will be custom made and provide a secured platform for the content to be provided to the students.

5. The website will have the following major functionalities.

a. Individual student accounts from where all the content can be accessed.

b. Integration of Zoom API for live meetings.

c. Integration of ClassMarker API for the students to take tests.

d. Analytics & Engagement Data (IP tracking).

What we Offered:

We designed and developed a website with a color palette that complements the professional tonality. The design was kept minimal and rich in white spaces to make the content stand out. All the important tabs were streamlined in one place keeping in mind the user experience.

The backend of the website was also kept direct and easy to navigate.

The integration of APIs was done with the intent of having to follow the minimum steps to update new content.